Hygiene, Safety and Environment Inspector

Duration of training: 3 months
Pre-Requisites:     Level 3e A.S     

The Health and Safety Inspector and Environment,protects the health and safety of people and property, by periodically checking the installations, the work being carried out, and the agents made available to it.

It imposes its policy of compliance with health and safety legislation.

At the end of this training, the HSE Inspector will be able to:

• Control and verify the compliance of installations in terms of hygiene, safety and environment.
 Work closely with the QHSE Manager in the development of the Health, Safety and Environment management system, specific to the company.
 Control conflicts between safety considerations and the company's production (yield).
 Carry out unannounced visits to construction sites, projects, repair work.

 Writing of inspection report and transmission to the person concerned.
 Investigate, analyze and determine the cause(s) that caused the accident.
 Master health, safety and environment regulations.
 Participate with the manager in the development of an employee awareness program business.ironment.

Teaching methods

  Acquisition of the program, through daily attendance, course phase and practical work.
  Teaching materials.
  Technical workshops and platforms.
  Video projectors