Scaffolding accreditation training

Scaffolds are temporary structures providing means of access and safe working platforms to facilitate working at height, and also to keep materials and tools in limited quantity. 



Know and know how to apply the operating procedures and prevention measures concerning working at height

Know how to use personal protective equipment

Check the suitability of the work equipment for the planned operation

Carry out the safe assembly and dismantling of scaffolding

Check the assembly of scaffolding before use

Program :

The risks of working at height:

Raising awareness of the risks of falling from height;

Analysis of the specific risks of working on scaffolding ;

Risk prevention ;

Collective protection elements against falls from height: guardrails, basket nets…

Scaffolding: The different types of scaffolding and their use ;

The control elements of a scaffolding: ground supports anchors or moorings passageways or circulation adequacy of the assembly plan with the installation condition of the tubes collars keys uprights... condition of access compliance of collective protection

Individual protection elements against falls from height and their use:

theory and practice Harnesses anchors fall arrest connections fall arrest system;

Work equipment for work at height:

ladders stepladders steps scaffolding ;

Rules for access to the scaffolding ;

Work safely ;

Assembly and dismantling of scaffolding

Assembly and disassembly instructions ;

Safety during assembly and disassembly ;

Storage of equipment;

Preventive measures against falling people or objects ;

Safety measures in case of changing weather conditions ;