BTS Health, Safety and Environment

 Higher Technician Certificate in Health, Safety and Environment

The training of BTS HSE, The training of BTS in HSE, lasting 30 months, including 6 months of practical training in a professional environment, allows trainees to acquire a theory and practice knowledges, on this specialty considered as a pillar of any company wanting to preserve its human and material goods and reduce the impact of the activity on the environment.



Teaching methods

   Acquisition of the program, by daily attendance, course phase and practical work and by downloading from the official website of the IMAGE institut
  Teaching materials.
   Workshops and technical platforms.
   Video projectors.


    Implementation of the company's HSE policy, in relation to regulations and standards..
    Raise staff awareness about security and the company environment.
    Evaluate the conformity of premises and equipment in terms of health, safety and environment.
    Identify developments in risk prevention.
    Reduce the impacts and risks of the company’s activity.


The Senior Technician in Hygiene, Safety and Environment works in all industrial sectors.
Petrochemicals, construction sites, factories…